Snapchat impacts in our children

Various youngsters at school are utilizing the online networking application Snapchat. The terms and state of this application express that record holders ought to be no less than 13 years of age. We have gotten the accompanying counsel from Safer Schools and Young People Partnership at Cheshire Police:

A week ago Snapchat presented another component, the ‘Snap Map’.

This area-based guide enables clients to see where in the nation their Snapchat contacts are and also observing area based photographs and recordings. The Snap Map demonstrates a client’s Bitmoji, their toon symbol inside Snapchat, pinpointed on a world guide. Clients would then be able to zoom into the guide to see the correct area of their companions.


Step by step instructions to get to Snap Maps


To get to the Snap Map in the most recent refresh of the Snapchat application, clients need to go to their camera screen inside Snapchat and zoom out utilizing two fingers. This will at that point dispatch the Snap Maps screen and will enable a client to see their companion’s areas.


Pick who can see your area


It is vital to be watchful about who you share your area with, as it can enable individuals to develop a photo of where you live, go to class and invest your energy.


Given how particular this new component is on Snapchat – giving your area to an exact pinpoint on a guide – we would urge clients not to share their area, particularly with individuals they don’t know face to face.There are android apps available to save snap chats easily just like we have available on application stores.


There are three settings for sharing your area on the guide, these are; Ghost mode, My Friends, and Select Friends. In any case, what do these settings mean?


Phantom Mode


Phantom Mode implies that you are the main individual who can see your area on the guide.


Inside Ghost Mode you can at present observe the areas of your companions yet they will be not able see you. This setting will guarantee that you have finish control over who knows your area.


My Friends


My Friends implies that the majority of your contacts on Snapchat can see your area. In the event that turning on this setting then it would be critical for clients to audit their Snapchat contacts and furthermore ensure that they never include somebody they don’t know face to face onto Snapchat.

Snapchat new component – No Time Limit Snaps


Any Snapchatter realizes that when you make a picture construct Snap with respect to Snapchat you could beforehand set a period restrict on to what extent the recipient could see the Snap, regularly between 1-10 seconds. After this time the snap (evidently/ostensibly) vanishes. In the most recent refresh to the application it now enables you to see a Snap ‘for whatever length of time that you’d like’.


So how can it function?


Taking the Snap: the client takes a Snap; the screen will then offer the new choice inside the ‘Clock’. Once tapped the Snapper would then be able to pick to what extent they wish the picture to be seen for.


Getting the Snap: if the sender has picked ‘no restriction’ at that point the Snap will be accessible for review until the point that the recipient shuts the Snap and soon thereafter, as previously, the Snap will vanish.


What else is new?


Inside this refresh to the application, a ‘circling video’ highlight is likewise included which enables recordings to be rehashed on a circle until the point that a story is proceeded onward or shut. The collector is then offered a ‘play perpetually’ highlight.


Snapchat have additionally revealed a draw with ’emoticon’ device which empowers clients to draw a line of emoticons onto their Snaps.


Focuses to note


With regards to Snapchat or some other fleeting application, stopping to consider the substance of the pictures and recordings you are making and offering to another person is still urgently critical. It’s savvy to never share anything on the application that you won’t have any desire to see fly up again. Connections do change and once in a while companions don’t treat Snaps with the secrecy they should; there are various ways ‘vanishing messages’ can be spared, screen caught or simply fall into the wrong hands.


Article by Wayne Denner in a free online security bulletin distributed by Alan MacKenzie

Data Recovery Softwares ERA

Data Recovery Software

Levels of Instruction:

Of entrance to a job as a computer support specialist or systems administrator.

Even though there’s no universally accepted way many employers prefer to hire persons.  A bachelor’s degree in information systems or computer science is a prerequisite for some jobs other jobs may require only a level.  For systems administrators, many employers

Seek applicants with bachelor’s degrees, but not necessarily. Distance Learning and Classic QuickTrack

Repetitive tasks.     They generally operate in comfortable Offices or computer labs.  They generally work about 40 hours each week, but That could include being “on call” via pager or telephone for rotating evening or

Weekend work if the employer requires computer support over extended hours.

Median Yearly earnings of network systems and data communication Recover information from a server or a mainframe computer and use it.   They install, service, maintain, and computer Hardware or software linked to computers which are networked.

Certification: Computer Networking

Computer Networking Technician’s work permits users to

Career counselling.  The MBTI provides advice regarding the character preferences of an individual and also the Holland

Code offers information regarding the interest of an individual.  If you’re

Interested in learning more about how your interests and character fit in

With this and other livelihood choices, please visit a career counsellor in any of those

NHMCCD campuses And computers.  They ought to be organized to deal with an assortment of projects.  They have to be flexible, ready to alter priorities and adhere to timelines that are certain. We also Have developed 3ds emulator android installation guide for 2018  They ought to Be well prepared to conduct research and find out new advances.

Because of the wide Selection of skills, there are Lots of avenues

Kinds of Businesses that normally hire graduates:

Network technicians perform and sit for Quite a While

A computer program is relied upon by business.

Working Condition Prerequisites:







Performance of Occupation:

Description of average work activities/transferable abilities Schools, government offices, hospitals and just about every kind

The lowest 10 percent earned less than $34,880, and the highest 10

Percent earned more than $92,110.  Median Yearly earnings in the industries

Employing the largest numbers of network systems and data communications

Analysts in 2002 were as follows:

Computer systems design and related services – $65,800

Management of companies and businesses – 63,050

State authorities – 45,110

Regardless of the current economic downturn among information technology firms,

Workers in the occupation should still enjoy favourable job prospects.  The

Demand for networking to facilitate the sharing of data, the growth

Of client-server environments, and the demand for computer specialists to use

Their own expertise and techniques within a problem-solving capacity will be important factors

In the increasing demand for computer systems analysts, database administrators,

And computer scientists.  In addition, falling prices of computer hardware and

Software should continue to induce more businesses to expand their computerized

Operations and integrate new technologies.  To be able to keep a

Competitive edge and operate more efficiently, firms will keep demanding

Computer specialists that can apply them to satisfy the requirements of businesses and are knowledgeable about the latest technology.

An increasing number of computer experts, like systems analysts and network

And data communications analysts, are employed on a temporary or contract

Basis; several of these people are self-explanatory, working independently as

Contractors or consultants.  By way of instance, a company may require the assistance of several systems analysts simply to get the machine

Running.  Because not all the analysts would be needed once the system is

Functioning, the company might contract for such employees with a temporary

Help agency or a consulting firm or with the systems analysts themselves.  Such

Jobs may last from a few months as many as two decades or longer.  This growing practice

Enables companies to bring in people with the specific skills the firm needs to

Complete a job, instead of having to devote time or money

Training or retraining existing employees.  Often, experienced consultants then

Train a business’s in-house employees for a project grows.

This advice is provided for individuals

For further info, you might

Go to the following Web websites.

Organizations offer voluntary certifications,

Media Specialization



Folks should have skills in mathematics and a high interest

AAS degree and the Computer Networking certificate Don’t Have


Professional; Network Administrator — MCSA/CCNA; Network Engineer — MCSE/CCNP;

Network Security Advanced Technical Certificate



Computer Networking Specialization

Installs Hardware and software Pulls Cable Enters Computers to community Responds To assist ask customers Builds Email accounts Provides Customers with access or distance on server computers Ensures Applications permit is being followed closely

Accessible To help if the server or network malfunctions

Tests Applications for network setup

Employment Outlook: Some Normal job titles for Computer Networking Specialization:

Particular Admissions/Prerequisite Courses:

Admissions standards.   The requirements listed to take classes must be followed by students.

The Importance of Organizational Personality

Organizations have their own culture and Occupations change over time so the future cannot be predicted by measures that are current. When somebody has an internal locus, and those with an internal locus of control, reward are more likely to react favourably to rewards because they believe rewards are acquired through their own efforts. They respond favourably to the use of incentives than externals.
Ways of behaving. Since individuals have different personalities, this means that some people are more likely to fit into organization cultures better than others.

Great implications for businesses. These include Training potential
MEASURING PERSONALITY Are those with an internal locus of control are likely to influence events than the externals who take part in self-pity and are unable to cope with difficult situations and also more inclined to shoulder responsibility and a basic psychology fact that helps to redeem the powers.
Short Personality assessments have low
They are based on the nomothetic theory of

  • Suitability
  • Redundancy counselling
  • Personality could be measured and compared with others on precisely the dimension.
  • Personality is assessed via a questionnaire which contains
  • Questions with forced alternative answers.
  • Assessment for the Rorschach Ink
  • Feature where people place a value on status and power

Differentials in their behaviour downwards towards individuals and
Upward towards superiors. Authoritarian workers take orders from above willingly and follow orders for the interest of following in them with faith and understanding.
Performance depends on
Several factors like luck, skill, instruction, payment systems, organizational structure and amenities. There are other factors besides character that affect individual performance.
Promotion Folks are more flexible and multifaceted; personality evaluations that are able to develop new skills and behaviours and to adapt to new situations catch a
Fragment of the entire world.
Apperception Test (TAT) – it was invented in 1938 by Henry Murray and further
Developed by McClelland in his need theory. The person is requested to make
Up a story about drawings or pictures, they’re shown. It is
Claimed that individuals can project their particular interests and preoccupations reflecting their need for power, achievement and affiliation.

Blot Evaluation- inkblots where folks are asked to say what they see in each inkblot that is symmetrical are used by it. The underlying idea in all these is
That people project their personalities on the stories they write.
For psychometric tests
Relevant material that relates to the person’s preoccupations and interests in the data that is given.
Authoritarianism. This is a character
Permit the contents of the unconscious’ appearance. They are predicated on the
Qualitative methodology of study where folks have complete freedom of
Expression and responses aren’t predetermined.
Evaluation of
Writings with a Greek political advisor named Machiavelli who wrote
That the prince and also the Leviathan. He
Argued that it is better to be feared than to be loved. It is a
A strategy that involves manipulation of others for personal gain.
From the theory that is ideographic.
The consequences for management Redeployment purposes Reasons Occupations require a lot of
Skill and knowledge in most areas traits that enhance competence may not improve task performance.

Of management this means they consider they can be influenced by them and events are under their control. It is the researcher’s task to select out the
They use Responses from a sample are used

Personality characteristics that an individual’s character is required consequently by them
Might have an effect on his/her suitability for roles.
An external locus of control Individual’s belief that impacts or events are under their control or
Beyond them caused.
Personality where psychologists search for universal causal laws
Of behaviour. This developed quickly in the 1980s and 1990s.

List and selection of applicants for specific jobs
Cultural factors- these Tests are usually based on research and might not be acceptable for African
The individual’s locus of control. This is a When a job is at stake these tests might be faked. An individual might be taught to write stories with a lot
Of achievement content, for example. In addition, jobs vary in terms of this
Machiavellianism. It’s based on the PERSONALITY IN ORGANIZATIONS
There are Predictive validity due to these reasons
Concerning motivation
The standard and, the average is identified by the evaluation for standardizing tests. The approach is impersonal and leads to statements that are probabilistic. It is geared under 30 used in academia have significant scores on assertiveness.
Personality could be assessed in various ways which range from a meeting to a tool that was psychological. The branch of psychology which measures personality characteristics is
Called psychometrics.
There’s an assumption Rosen Zweig Picture Frustration Test- this requires that the
Individual reply for the second person in an animation drawing to the person
Who’s saying something?
Career counselling and development Is the belief that events are externally caused, for example by chance or fate and that there is nothing that one can do to alter the situation.

IQ Option Review – Is Scam or Trustworthy Broker? Find Out!!

A binary options trading is the best platform for earning huge amount of money and live a luxury life in short time. However, there are more than hundreds of automated trading software available in a trading market. Among that, only a few are honest softwares, and the rest are untrustworthy. So, today I will describe a review about the iQ option trading software which has been placed on top of trading software for long years. Check IQ Option Review below.

Many people have deposited their money in scam softwares, and their hope has gone. But, with the honest softwares like IQ option, you will be able to place trade safely. Some people may wonder how to trust this automated software. Well, once you read this full IQ Option Review, you will get to know the benefits of the IQ options trading software.

IQ Option Review: A Legit Trading Software?


IQ Option is one of the most reliable and honest software. Only if you know the condition of the market and some planning, you will be able to make a profit by online trading. So, IQ options deliver the perfect information to the traders after studying the full market analysis, and it runs according to the plan.

To place a trade with the iQ option, you will need just five minutes, and they use only the top rated brokers for secure and safe trading. One can earn a huge amount of dollars per day with this binary options trading software, IQ Option offers various kinds of advantages to its users, and I am going to mention it down below.

Features of IQ Option Review:

IQ Option Review Features

IQ Options is a scam free software, and it offers many amazing features. Now, let’s see, what are the features this software is providing?

1.Automated Trading Software:

IQ Option runs on full auto-pilot mode which means even a person with zero experience about trading will be able to trade using this software. The traders will just have to activate the autopilot mode, and the Robot will take the remaining task care. After a while, just check your account and I can guarantee that your account balance will increase.

Also, you can change the Robot settings. If you want, you can also earn using the manual mode. If you are not satisfied with the Robot, then you can change it to manual mode and make more profits. The IQ Option allows its users to trade over 70 assets across the globe.

2. Increasing Monthly Payments to Traders:

Since 2014, the monthly payments to the traders have been increasing per month from 5000,000 to 5,700,000. This means that the member of this software will get a full-time profit trading.

But there is also a risk whether your profits will get doubled or you might face a decent loss. It will depend on your luck too. The software can offer 85% profit traders to its users which sound quite cool.

3. Customer Support:

The member of this automated software will get 24/7 customer support. And if you have any queries regarding this software then you will get the solution within few hours or max it will take one day.

The system will also be very glad if you give some feedbacks or suggestions through live chat, message, emails or even toll-free calls. The professional customer team support will be happy to help you anytime.

What are the Benefits of Using this IQ Option Automated Software?

The IQ Option trading software offers many advantages and I am going to lists them in details.


  • The first and foremost benefits of using this software are it is free of cost for registering. You will get a free demo account where they do not charge even a single penny.
  • With a deposit of $100, you get a free trading signal which will guide you to earn more.
  • The IQ Option App is compatible with almost every device such as Android, iOS, tablet or PC. So, you can trade from any device without facing any problem.
  • IQ Option is 100% scam free software, and it is safe. So you do not need to worry anything about your account.
  • It works in auto-pilot mode which makes your work process very easy and fast.
  • You do not need any experience traders, the newbie, and professionals; anyone can trade with this system.
  • You will also get a wide range of analysis tools in this software.
  • The trading process is very fast and convenient. One can trade within just 1 min and earn huge dollars.

Increased Trading Profits:

Since from 2013 to 2014, the trading values per trade have increased to 70 times, and from 2014 to 15 it has gone more five times better. There are more than 14, 364, 000 users within February 2016 in more than 1080 countries.

In just one month they have paid $11, 759, 172 to their traders which are amazing. And according to the App Store ranking, IQ Option is one of the best binary trading software till February 2016.

How to Join IQ Options Automated Software?

To become a member of IQ option, it is very simple & easy. All you need is to follow the steps that are mention below.


  • To create your new account in IQ Option, first of all, you need to visit the official website
  • After that, you will see the home page result of this software.
  • Now on the left side of the page, you will see a box for registration. Enter your name and details on the box.
  • Now, just click on “OPEN AN ACCOUNT FOR FREE.” The registration process is finished, and your new account will be created.
  • For practicing to trade with this software, you don’t require to deposit. However, to trade in actual, you will need to deposit $10 only. And if you wish to deposit higher amount like $3000 then a personal broker will be available for you.

My Final Verdict: IQ Option is a Scam Free Software!!

It is a IQ Option Review. So, I have compiled all the features and advantages of IQ Option automated software. After reading the reviews of IQ Option, it can be clearly said that IP Option is a scam free software and it is safe to trade with this software.

Binary Robot 365 Review – Is Scam or Reliable Binary Software?

Binary Trading is one of the platforms through which you can earn good profits. However, It is necessary that you make a deal with the right binary option, for experiencing a good trade. There are many scam software launched in the web market now. If you are interested in performing binary trading then you must verify about the software first of all. Check Binary Robot 365 Review below.

In this post, I am going to discuss Binary Robot 365, which is also known as the most trending binary option. The Binary Robot 365 is brilliantly designed binary software with maximum information. It doesn’t contain any video promo as of other scam binary options, which is enough to create a good impression. So, you will definitely like to know the picture of Binary Robot 365 which will be only possible when you read this whole post.

Binary Robot 365 Review – Is Scam or Legit?

Binary Robot 365 Review

As I am going to give an honest Binary Robot 365 Review, I must tell you the truth about this software. The Binary Robot 365 is a software looks quite genuine but it is not necessary that it is legit software. The software is not judged on its looks or design instead what matters is functionality. Well, we have done a good research up to some extent on Binary Robot 365 and found that it is a scam software. All the options and information mentioned in the official website is a fake one. You might be quite confused by now, so read ahead to confirm.

Scam Facts Revealed:

The software highly mentions about its accuracy in giving successful trade which is 90%. It is well and fine for a genuine software but there is no way with Binary Robot 365. The software mentions about its trading tools which don’t even function. Even the genuine software can assure you only up to 80-85% of accuracy. There is no way to rely on this fraud software for making income.


This software really talks about its systems functioning but there is no truth in it. It promises you to place a trade automatically in your account once you create an account in this software. Do you think that this poor system will able to give you suitable trade? We have tried the software already and it is just a bogus assurance to gain your attention. The software also talks about its automated robot but we don’t found any such facilities provided. This is a complete diverting point for the beginners, so keep watchful.

In the Binary Robot 365 Review official web page, there is more information provided that looks genuine. Moreover, beginners might slip on seeing and reading to this information. It talks about beginners who don’t have knowledge in a trade that they can easily join the software. Just think without any proper knowledge will it be secure to join the software. There is no demo account even to try the software for at least once. This is a cheap trick to get you in the trap and eat up all your earned money.

Fake Information on Account Types and Winning Results:

The software highlights fake account types and names which don’t function at all. In this section, I found the total trade, winning rate, total profits in all the section of the account types. This kind of artificial creativity is done only by scammers and it can be completely identified. We found that the system is totally bogus without any prior trading guide. If the system would be genuine then it would definitely highlight its trading history in a proper way. However, no proof of its legitimate is found in the entire research.


The official page of the software also highlights something about the brokers. It tells that as soon as you join the software you will be allowed to choose a broker. Well, the system also mentioned most of the reliable brokers that it is compatible to work with. However, all the genuine brokers are mentioned only to proof you the software is genuine. The brokers behind this software are nobody but a group of scammers, which is eagerly waiting for your money. Can you imagine a software which doesn’t have experienced brokers and algorithm will able to perform trade for you?

Trading Indicators are Mentioned – It is Bogus and Mentioned Just for Show Off:

The software also mentions 6 trading indicators such as TREND, WILLIAMS, MACD, RSI, CCI and STOCH. So, as recommended we have also tried this option, but it fails to perform as said which is completely scam. There is no point of trusting this software because once you join the software all its functioning gets different. You won’t find any of the said features functioning in the software instead you will be asked to deposit money for trade.


The software charges $250 but this is just for gaining your attention for joining the software. The real fact is that once you join the software, you will be charged and asked to deposit more money for trade. The software is neither capable of giving you successful trade nor does it can give you profits. So, it will be a total waste of time and money if you enroll this fraud software. Well, $250 is basically charged by most genuine software as the beginning charge to start a trade. Don’t think that this software will charge you less because scam software always comes with tricks to grab your money and run away.

Final Verdict – Don’t Make Mistake to try Binary Robot 365 Scam Software:

I would like to say my final words on Binary Robot 365 Review, The software also beautifully mentions the joining steps on the very first page of the web page. It will be a great mistake if you join this scam software. You might be aware that Binary Robot 365 is a scam software which cannot generate any profits for you now. Thus, you can be pretty sure that Binary Bot is a scam software and don’t even dare to try this software.

Option Robot Review – Does It Really Work or Scam? Find Out!!

The Binary Options is one of the most famous trading platforms that is trending right now on the market. In this platform, one can earn a decent amount of money through trading in the correct trade. Only you have to know which way the trade is flowing and then you have to invest to earn money. There is a huge chance of loss in this platform to so some people take the help of different software from different companies to trade easily. These software helps them to analyze trade easily, and choose the correct trade for the traders to earn money easily. Not every trading software is legit, and there are many software that are developed only to scam you. As I am going to give an honest Option Robot Review here.

The options robot is one of the trending trading software’s that I had come across when I was looking for a trading software for my trade. When I visited the website, I found much information regarding their software.  You will see the demo software on the home page of their website, and in it, You can also notice various options like an overview, settings, signals, FAQ, and Support, etc. And every option on the demo software can be used after you register in this software.  The developers have tried every possible technique to show this software legit. So, here in this Option Robot Review article, I am going to show you whether option Robot is a legit or scam?

Option Robot Review – Is this Legit Scam?

Option Robot Review

The website of option Robot consists of various information related to the software. On this website, you will get much information that will prove to you that this trading software is legitimate. The demo software displayed on the home page will also show some of the important features of this software. A customer facility has been provided with this software so that you can chat to or get connected with the support if you had any query or problem regarding trading. There are three different type of plans are also provided so that the traders can choose according to their need.

A list of brokers is also given so that they can help you in trading and you can also get the analyze report of the trade through them.  One of the most important information about this software that, the developers haven’t promised any kind of fake or unrealistic amount of earnings through their software. There is no fake or acted testimonial video presented by the owners of this software to scam traders. And below I will be providing you some of the facts about this software that will prove to you that this software is legit.

Helpful Brokers:

A list of brokers has been providing the owners of this software, and only you have to choose the relevant broker for your trade. All the brokers that are being highlighted by the software are all authentic. And through their help, you can earn a decent amount of money by trading with this software. So you will not get this type of facility in scam software. If there are any, then you will not get any traces of them between the trader community.

No fake Money Involved:

There are many automated trading software in the market, and all of them promises with a huge amount of outcomes from their software. But at the end, one who gets profited is the developers of the software. But this Option robot hasn’t done any kind of unrealistic promise regarding earning through their software.  The developers knew that unrealistic money is not available in binary options platform.

Legit Software:

As you know from the above written that the binary options robot is an automated trading software. And the technology used in it enables it to predict trade at this level of guarantee. The developers of this software claim that you can earn money with an 83% winning rate. Due to some statistical ratio, the software can’t predict at 100% winning rate, but this software will earn you a decent amount of money. So you can trust this software with its predictions.


Some Advantages of Options Robot Review:

Above I have mentioned the legitimate proofs of this software, and this software also comes with some advantages. And these advantages will help you to earn money through this software.  So following are some of the advantages of this software.


On their website you will see three types of plans are being provided for the benefit of traders like the Classic system for the safest and secure trade, a martingle system for earning money faster and Fibonacci system helps you to earn with the accurate trade.  So all of this plans are given so that the traders can choose according to their needs.

Customer Support:

It has been provided with the 24/7 support, that will be in help anytime when you will be facing any problem regarding trade. They will help you until the problem gets solved. An online chat facility is also provided on their website so that it could get easy for you to use their software easily. So this is one of the biggest advantages of this software.


The deposit and withdraw lost money can be done easily through this software. There are options provided on the software that will help you to make transactions easily through this software. So it is also one of the most important advantages of this software.

Conclusion on Option Robot Review:

Finally, i would like to say on my Option Robot Review, This is one of the most legit trading Robots that I have come across in days, through this software you can earn huge amount of money. With its 83% winning rate and different plans, you could win in a very heavy manner. So every claim of this software is legit, and people must go with it for trading in binary options trading platform. So comment below if you had something regarding this article.

Binary Options Robot Review – Does It Really Worth or Scam?

In this Binary Options Robot Review, I am going to share all the important information about Binary Options Robot a new automated trading software which you should try if you are struggling with other trading software. The Binary Options Robot is a brand new software which is a powerful tool to earn some cash online. It has recently come to many of the trader’s notice, and if you are one of them who would like to know whether this software is free of scam and is reliable, then you have come to the right place.

Binary Options Robot is an auto trader service which is free, and you can even upgrade to the pro version which comes at $79. It has an average success rate of 75% which is quite a humble rate as compared to many of the self-acclaimed highly successful software that is actually unreliable.

Binary Options Robot Review: What Makes It Stand Out From the Rest?

Since the Binary Options Robot is an automated trading software, you just need to set it in auto mode and wait for the software do the job for you. It’s a 100% secured trading tool, and there is nothing suspicious about it as far as my researches are concerned. Keep in mind that this French software has been copied many times and remains one of the most copied automated trading software till date and it is probably because of the obvious name.

So, before indulging to any software by similar name just make sure that you are not tricked and for that you should always opt for the French company. The software works with three advanced trading systems about which I will talk about in the following sections.

How Does the Binary Options Robot Work?

The Binary Options Robot is versatile and intelligent tool, and it works with three different trading systems namely

  • The Classic System: This is the safest and secure trading system.
  • The Martingale System: The Martingale is the most profitable trading system.
  • The Fibonacci System: The Fibonacci system is the most accurate trading system.

The combination of these three highly advanced trading systems makes the Binary Options Robot a really desirable automated trading software available online.

Interestingly besides the Automated Mode, the Binary Options Robot also has a Manual Mode. So if you feel more secured with manual trading, you can make use of the manual mode and start trading.

There are six different technical indicators based on which the Binary Options Robot works, and they are RSI, Trend, CCI, Williams, Stochastics, and MACD. All of these are very popular and reliable trading indicators which play an important role in determining the right trading signals.

You can opt for any of the indicators that want and start receiving signals, and based on that you can select the trading system, currency pair, expiration time, and also the value of every trade.

Binary Options Robot Features: Why this is the one and only trading tool you need?

Binary Options Robot is not just a simple auto trader, and there ample of reasons to prove that. I have listed below some of the important features that make this software unique.

  • It’s a free Software: First of all, it is a free software although you can also have the pro version after paying $79. The pro version obviously comes with more flexibility and features still you can use the free version to have a reliable trading experience.
  • It provides the Best Brokers: The Binary Options Robot will trade with the best brokers available online. And even if it’s an auto trader you will have access to the best brokers available without any doubt.
  • Its 100% safe and secured: The Binary Options Robot is a free yet safe and secured trading robot that you will ever find.
  • Multi-device compatibility: The software is compatible with multiple devices ranging from PC, tablet, and mobile phones. So, wherever you are and no matter what device you use Binary Options Robot is the only tool you need to trade.

  • Quick and easy to set up: The Binary Options Robot is a really easy tool to trade with easy to install too. This has been designed with the beginners in mind and doesn’t require any kind of experience to start trading.
  • Configure your own trading style: The Binary Options Robot also allows you to configure the trades and trading systems to match with your style of trading or the strategy that you developed. The various options available allow you to choose the trading systems along with the trading indicators, trade value and the expiry time.
  • Customer Support: Binary Options Robot has a very supportive customer service team. You can anytime contact with the Binary Options Robot team through emails, and they will eventually respond to your inquiry and help you out in every way possible.

Besides all these features the Free and the Pro version of the software comes with different features which make both of them unique. I have listed some of the features down below:

For Free Account:

The free account includes the following features

  • One Binary options broker usually Stockpair or ZoomTrader for US traders
  • Three trading systems: Martingale, Classic, and Fibonacci
  • Three trading indicators
  • Two maximum simultaneous trades
  • Two currency pairs
  • Five minutes trades

For Pro Accounts Which Cost $79:

The Pro accounts cost $79 which usually helps you trade with higher amounts and also get access to more currency pairs and trade indicators.

  • Three binary options broker namely Stock pair, TopOption, ZoomTrader.
  • Three trading systems: Martingale, Classic, and Fibonacci
  • Six trading indicators
  • Seven maximum simultaneous trades
  • 8 Tradable currency pairs
  • One, five, ten, fifteen, thirty, sixty minutes trades
  • You will get updates for lifetime
  • And the best part is the 60 days money back guarantee

All these features make the Binary Options Robot a highly advanced and powerful tool for binary options trading.

How to Create an Account with Binary Options Robot?



It’s very easy to get started with Binary Options Robot. First of all, you need to visit the website and fill up the online registration form that is placed on the right side of the website.

Provide all the necessary details including your personal details, the best email and also your phone number and create the account. Once you are done, you will be redirected to the next page where you will be asked to provide all the details that are required to finish the registration like bank details, etc.

Once that is done you will then be asked to deposit the minimum amount required to start trading. You will then be linked up to a broker account, and that is how you can start trading.

Binary Options Robot Review: Is the Best Auto Trader for You?

Without any doubt on Binary Options Robot Review, I will recommend you the Binary Options Robot. This auto trader is a scam free and 100% reliable software with a humble success rate of 75% making it the best choice for both beginners and experienced traders alike.

So, if you have been searching for the right auto trader, you should go for the Binary Options Robot and start trading immediately.