Binary Options Robot Review – Does It Really Worth or Scam?

In this Binary Options Robot Review, I am going to share all the important information about Binary Options Robot a new automated trading software which you should try if you are struggling with other trading software. The Binary Options Robot is a brand new software which is a powerful tool to earn some cash online. It has recently come to many of the trader’s notice, and if you are one of them who would like to know whether this software is free of scam and is reliable, then you have come to the right place.

Binary Options Robot is an auto trader service which is free, and you can even upgrade to the pro version which comes at $79. It has an average success rate of 75% which is quite a humble rate as compared to many of the self-acclaimed highly successful software that is actually unreliable.

Binary Options Robot Review: What Makes It Stand Out From the Rest?

Since the Binary Options Robot is an automated trading software, you just need to set it in auto mode and wait for the software do the job for you. It’s a 100% secured trading tool, and there is nothing suspicious about it as far as my researches are concerned. Keep in mind that this French software has been copied many times and remains one of the most copied automated trading software till date and it is probably because of the obvious name.

So, before indulging to any software by similar name just make sure that you are not tricked and for that you should always opt for the French company. The software works with three advanced trading systems about which I will talk about in the following sections.

How Does the Binary Options Robot Work?

The Binary Options Robot is versatile and intelligent tool, and it works with three different trading systems namely

  • The Classic System: This is the safest and secure trading system.
  • The Martingale System: The Martingale is the most profitable trading system.
  • The Fibonacci System: The Fibonacci system is the most accurate trading system.

The combination of these three highly advanced trading systems makes the Binary Options Robot a really desirable automated trading software available online.

Interestingly besides the Automated Mode, the Binary Options Robot also has a Manual Mode. So if you feel more secured with manual trading, you can make use of the manual mode and start trading.

There are six different technical indicators based on which the Binary Options Robot works, and they are RSI, Trend, CCI, Williams, Stochastics, and MACD. All of these are very popular and reliable trading indicators which play an important role in determining the right trading signals.

You can opt for any of the indicators that want and start receiving signals, and based on that you can select the trading system, currency pair, expiration time, and also the value of every trade.

Binary Options Robot Features: Why this is the one and only trading tool you need?

Binary Options Robot is not just a simple auto trader, and there ample of reasons to prove that. I have listed below some of the important features that make this software unique.

  • It’s a free Software: First of all, it is a free software although you can also have the pro version after paying $79. The pro version obviously comes with more flexibility and features still you can use the free version to have a reliable trading experience.
  • It provides the Best Brokers: The Binary Options Robot will trade with the best brokers available online. And even if it’s an auto trader you will have access to the best brokers available without any doubt.
  • Its 100% safe and secured: The Binary Options Robot is a free yet safe and secured trading robot that you will ever find.
  • Multi-device compatibility: The software is compatible with multiple devices ranging from PC, tablet, and mobile phones. So, wherever you are and no matter what device you use Binary Options Robot is the only tool you need to trade.

  • Quick and easy to set up: The Binary Options Robot is a really easy tool to trade with easy to install too. This has been designed with the beginners in mind and doesn’t require any kind of experience to start trading.
  • Configure your own trading style: The Binary Options Robot also allows you to configure the trades and trading systems to match with your style of trading or the strategy that you developed. The various options available allow you to choose the trading systems along with the trading indicators, trade value and the expiry time.
  • Customer Support: Binary Options Robot has a very supportive customer service team. You can anytime contact with the Binary Options Robot team through emails, and they will eventually respond to your inquiry and help you out in every way possible.

Besides all these features the Free and the Pro version of the software comes with different features which make both of them unique. I have listed some of the features down below:

For Free Account:

The free account includes the following features

  • One Binary options broker usually Stockpair or ZoomTrader for US traders
  • Three trading systems: Martingale, Classic, and Fibonacci
  • Three trading indicators
  • Two maximum simultaneous trades
  • Two currency pairs
  • Five minutes trades

For Pro Accounts Which Cost $79:

The Pro accounts cost $79 which usually helps you trade with higher amounts and also get access to more currency pairs and trade indicators.

  • Three binary options broker namely Stock pair, TopOption, ZoomTrader.
  • Three trading systems: Martingale, Classic, and Fibonacci
  • Six trading indicators
  • Seven maximum simultaneous trades
  • 8 Tradable currency pairs
  • One, five, ten, fifteen, thirty, sixty minutes trades
  • You will get updates for lifetime
  • And the best part is the 60 days money back guarantee

All these features make the Binary Options Robot a highly advanced and powerful tool for binary options trading.

How to Create an Account with Binary Options Robot?



It’s very easy to get started with Binary Options Robot. First of all, you need to visit the website and fill up the online registration form that is placed on the right side of the website.

Provide all the necessary details including your personal details, the best email and also your phone number and create the account. Once you are done, you will be redirected to the next page where you will be asked to provide all the details that are required to finish the registration like bank details, etc.

Once that is done you will then be asked to deposit the minimum amount required to start trading. You will then be linked up to a broker account, and that is how you can start trading.

Binary Options Robot Review: Is the Best Auto Trader for You?

Without any doubt on Binary Options Robot Review, I will recommend you the Binary Options Robot. This auto trader is a scam free and 100% reliable software with a humble success rate of 75% making it the best choice for both beginners and experienced traders alike.

So, if you have been searching for the right auto trader, you should go for the Binary Options Robot and start trading immediately.

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