Binary Robot 365 Review – Is Scam or Reliable Binary Software?

Binary Trading is one of the platforms through which you can earn good profits. However, It is necessary that you make a deal with the right binary option, for experiencing a good trade. There are many scam software launched in the web market now. If you are interested in performing binary trading then you must verify about the software first of all. Check Binary Robot 365 Review below.

In this post, I am going to discuss Binary Robot 365, which is also known as the most trending binary option. The Binary Robot 365 is brilliantly designed binary software with maximum information. It doesn’t contain any video promo as of other scam binary options, which is enough to create a good impression. So, you will definitely like to know the picture of Binary Robot 365 which will be only possible when you read this whole post.

Binary Robot 365 Review – Is Scam or Legit?

Binary Robot 365 Review

As I am going to give an honest Binary Robot 365 Review, I must tell you the truth about this software. The Binary Robot 365 is a software looks quite genuine but it is not necessary that it is legit software. The software is not judged on its looks or design instead what matters is functionality. Well, we have done a good research up to some extent on Binary Robot 365 and found that it is a scam software. All the options and information mentioned in the official website is a fake one. You might be quite confused by now, so read ahead to confirm.

Scam Facts Revealed:

The software highly mentions about its accuracy in giving successful trade which is 90%. It is well and fine for a genuine software but there is no way with Binary Robot 365. The software mentions about its trading tools which don’t even function. Even the genuine software can assure you only up to 80-85% of accuracy. There is no way to rely on this fraud software for making income.


This software really talks about its systems functioning but there is no truth in it. It promises you to place a trade automatically in your account once you create an account in this software. Do you think that this poor system will able to give you suitable trade? We have tried the software already and it is just a bogus assurance to gain your attention. The software also talks about its automated robot but we don’t found any such facilities provided. This is a complete diverting point for the beginners, so keep watchful.

In the Binary Robot 365 Review official web page, there is more information provided that looks genuine. Moreover, beginners might slip on seeing and reading to this information. It talks about beginners who don’t have knowledge in a trade that they can easily join the software. Just think without any proper knowledge will it be secure to join the software. There is no demo account even to try the software for at least once. This is a cheap trick to get you in the trap and eat up all your earned money.

Fake Information on Account Types and Winning Results:

The software highlights fake account types and names which don’t function at all. In this section, I found the total trade, winning rate, total profits in all the section of the account types. This kind of artificial creativity is done only by scammers and it can be completely identified. We found that the system is totally bogus without any prior trading guide. If the system would be genuine then it would definitely highlight its trading history in a proper way. However, no proof of its legitimate is found in the entire research.


The official page of the software also highlights something about the brokers. It tells that as soon as you join the software you will be allowed to choose a broker. Well, the system also mentioned most of the reliable brokers that it is compatible to work with. However, all the genuine brokers are mentioned only to proof you the software is genuine. The brokers behind this software are nobody but a group of scammers, which is eagerly waiting for your money. Can you imagine a software which doesn’t have experienced brokers and algorithm will able to perform trade for you?

Trading Indicators are Mentioned – It is Bogus and Mentioned Just for Show Off:

The software also mentions 6 trading indicators such as TREND, WILLIAMS, MACD, RSI, CCI and STOCH. So, as recommended we have also tried this option, but it fails to perform as said which is completely scam. There is no point of trusting this software because once you join the software all its functioning gets different. You won’t find any of the said features functioning in the software instead you will be asked to deposit money for trade.


The software charges $250 but this is just for gaining your attention for joining the software. The real fact is that once you join the software, you will be charged and asked to deposit more money for trade. The software is neither capable of giving you successful trade nor does it can give you profits. So, it will be a total waste of time and money if you enroll this fraud software. Well, $250 is basically charged by most genuine software as the beginning charge to start a trade. Don’t think that this software will charge you less because scam software always comes with tricks to grab your money and run away.

Final Verdict – Don’t Make Mistake to try Binary Robot 365 Scam Software:

I would like to say my final words on Binary Robot 365 Review, The software also beautifully mentions the joining steps on the very first page of the web page. It will be a great mistake if you join this scam software. You might be aware that Binary Robot 365 is a scam software which cannot generate any profits for you now. Thus, you can be pretty sure that Binary Bot is a scam software and don’t even dare to try this software.

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