IQ Option Review – Is Scam or Trustworthy Broker? Find Out!!

A binary options trading is the best platform for earning huge amount of money and live a luxury life in short time. However, there are more than hundreds of automated trading software available in a trading market. Among that, only a few are honest softwares, and the rest are untrustworthy. So, today I will describe a review about the iQ option trading software which has been placed on top of trading software for long years. Check IQ Option Review below.

Many people have deposited their money in scam softwares, and their hope has gone. But, with the honest softwares like IQ option, you will be able to place trade safely. Some people may wonder how to trust this automated software. Well, once you read this full IQ Option Review, you will get to know the benefits of the IQ options trading software.

IQ Option Review: A Legit Trading Software?


IQ Option is one of the most reliable and honest software. Only if you know the condition of the market and some planning, you will be able to make a profit by online trading. So, IQ options deliver the perfect information to the traders after studying the full market analysis, and it runs according to the plan.

To place a trade with the iQ option, you will need just five minutes, and they use only the top rated brokers for secure and safe trading. One can earn a huge amount of dollars per day with this binary options trading software, IQ Option offers various kinds of advantages to its users, and I am going to mention it down below.

Features of IQ Option Review:

IQ Option Review Features

IQ Options is a scam free software, and it offers many amazing features. Now, let’s see, what are the features this software is providing?

1.Automated Trading Software:

IQ Option runs on full auto-pilot mode which means even a person with zero experience about trading will be able to trade using this software. The traders will just have to activate the autopilot mode, and the Robot will take the remaining task care. After a while, just check your account and I can guarantee that your account balance will increase.

Also, you can change the Robot settings. If you want, you can also earn using the manual mode. If you are not satisfied with the Robot, then you can change it to manual mode and make more profits. The IQ Option allows its users to trade over 70 assets across the globe.

2. Increasing Monthly Payments to Traders:

Since 2014, the monthly payments to the traders have been increasing per month from 5000,000 to 5,700,000. This means that the member of this software will get a full-time profit trading.

But there is also a risk whether your profits will get doubled or you might face a decent loss. It will depend on your luck too. The software can offer 85% profit traders to its users which sound quite cool.

3. Customer Support:

The member of this automated software will get 24/7 customer support. And if you have any queries regarding this software then you will get the solution within few hours or max it will take one day.

The system will also be very glad if you give some feedbacks or suggestions through live chat, message, emails or even toll-free calls. The professional customer team support will be happy to help you anytime.

What are the Benefits of Using this IQ Option Automated Software?

The IQ Option trading software offers many advantages and I am going to lists them in details.


  • The first and foremost benefits of using this software are it is free of cost for registering. You will get a free demo account where they do not charge even a single penny.
  • With a deposit of $100, you get a free trading signal which will guide you to earn more.
  • The IQ Option App is compatible with almost every device such as Android, iOS, tablet or PC. So, you can trade from any device without facing any problem.
  • IQ Option is 100% scam free software, and it is safe. So you do not need to worry anything about your account.
  • It works in auto-pilot mode which makes your work process very easy and fast.
  • You do not need any experience traders, the newbie, and professionals; anyone can trade with this system.
  • You will also get a wide range of analysis tools in this software.
  • The trading process is very fast and convenient. One can trade within just 1 min and earn huge dollars.

Increased Trading Profits:

Since from 2013 to 2014, the trading values per trade have increased to 70 times, and from 2014 to 15 it has gone more five times better. There are more than 14, 364, 000 users within February 2016 in more than 1080 countries.

In just one month they have paid $11, 759, 172 to their traders which are amazing. And according to the App Store ranking, IQ Option is one of the best binary trading software till February 2016.

How to Join IQ Options Automated Software?

To become a member of IQ option, it is very simple & easy. All you need is to follow the steps that are mention below.


  • To create your new account in IQ Option, first of all, you need to visit the official website
  • After that, you will see the home page result of this software.
  • Now on the left side of the page, you will see a box for registration. Enter your name and details on the box.
  • Now, just click on “OPEN AN ACCOUNT FOR FREE.” The registration process is finished, and your new account will be created.
  • For practicing to trade with this software, you don’t require to deposit. However, to trade in actual, you will need to deposit $10 only. And if you wish to deposit higher amount like $3000 then a personal broker will be available for you.

My Final Verdict: IQ Option is a Scam Free Software!!

It is a IQ Option Review. So, I have compiled all the features and advantages of IQ Option automated software. After reading the reviews of IQ Option, it can be clearly said that IP Option is a scam free software and it is safe to trade with this software.

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